Getting Ready For Spring In Maju

Ordinarily, when you think spring, you think flowers, sunshine and what not but we’re not going down that path. Its all wonderful no doubt but wouldn’t you rather try something new, something edgy?
And that’s why we’re going to be taking three different “not-so-springy” fabrics into consideration: Velvet, Silk and Denim.

Velvet has always thought to be a winter fabric because of its weight and thickness but in recent times, has been rocked in spring. Now we’re not talking about turgid thick velvet, rather the much lighter 80’s inspired counterpart.
The perfect type of velvet to pull off this spring trend is our range of velvet dresses, culottes, tops, tees and shorts. Tips on turning velvet from a fall to spring look:
1. Buy clothes made with lighter velvet from Maju.
2. Opt for cooler colours for day looks and darker colours for night looks.
3. Funky studs, patches and floral embroidery instantly make velvet spring worthy.
Our range of Velvet pieces:
The Spiked Velvet Tee Shirt-
The Florence Velvet Dress-
The Velvet Cold Shoulder Dress-
The Velvet Shift Dress-
The Velvet Jumpsuit-
The Velvet Culottes-

Your spring wardrobe isn’t complete without at least 3 silk pieces in it. We’re taking tops, dresses, robes, shorts and pants. Silk is as elegant and glamourous as fabrics get. Silk comes with a touch of effortlessness which seems just right for the season. This fabric has been spotted in enough fashion weeks. Our recently launched Spring Edit has a range of luxe silk outfits to keep you in vogue this season.
Our Range of Silk pieces:
The Remy Dress-
The Remy Set-
The Millie Slit Pants-
The Rona Set-

At Maju, we believe denim should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Its the one fabric that every woman has in her closet and can be worn all year round. It’s what we call ‘Ever Green”. The only thing we advise is that you wear a lighter fabric because of the heat. In case you’re wondering where to get that, fear not, we’ve got you with our Denim Bomber- Super light and super stylish.
Our Range of Denim Pieces:
The Denim Bomber-

Stay in style this spring with Maju.

Happy Shopping!
Adenowo Oluwaseyi
Branding and Aesthetics