Look What Summer Dragged In...A New Wardrobe

And were back! We present to you this seasons trendiest looks from the gorgeous, fun and colourful Spring/Summer 2018 catwalk. The feathers on our pure white Mara blouse works for a clean and classy look, while the fringe detail on the show-stopping Nikky top perfectly embodies avant-garde fashion! Weve also stocked a range of wrap blouses and puff sleeves for a subtle yet dramatic look; from the Amelia wrap blouse that was made to make a statement, to the simple and cute Riley top. Add our checkered print pieces and comfy shift dresses for a cool and versatile summer wardrobe, and you definitely wont want to miss out on one of our most popularly-demanded comebacks. Yep, the Chic Oversized shirt is here again. Grabem before theyre all gone, again.

MARA BLOUSE http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&item_id=1193

NIKKY TOP http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&item_id=1209



RILEY TOP http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&item_id=1198

LIVIE OFF-SHOULDER BLOUSE http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&item_id=1190

MELLIE SHIFT DRESS http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&item_id=1204

NEW YORK MAXI SHIFT DRESS http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&slug=New_York_Maxi_Shift_Dress

THE CHIC OVERSIZED SHIRT http://www.shopmaju.com/product.php?child=true&slug=The_Chic_Oversized_Shirt