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Creating An Account
An Account needs to be created with your correct and complete information before you can check-out items from the store.
To create an account use the “Check-Out Step” button.
This website requires that your email and username are unique. If you already have an account with us, please use the reminder feature after clicking on “Sign-In”
Please ensure you always provide us your correct email address (no spaces and please DO NOT use a Yahoo email address) otherwise we will not be able to communicate details of your account or orders with you.

Read more about issues with Yahoo:

If you are having problems creating an account it’s likely due to your web browser not being up to date, please use a different browser or try upgrading your web browser.

Account Reminder
If you already have an account with us, but have forgotten your credentials, its easy to recover them. Simply go to Sign-in under My Account or the Account Icon, Enter your username or email in the username box and click on the reminder button. Dont worry about the password box an email will be sent across to you with your credentials.

Using Card Payments
After making a card payment always go to “My Orders” in the Account section to confirm the status of your payment and order. If your payment status is still showing pending, please click on the “Get Payment Status Update” button.

Web Browser
Please ensure you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer on this website. And if you have to, please ensure you are only using the latest version.
Ideal browsers for this website include the following.

Icons And What They Stand For

Out Of Stock - Means an item is sold out.

Add To Wishlist - Click to add an item to your Wishlist. You can store items you plan on buying later in your Wishlist. To receive information related to items in your list, please also ensure you have signed up for Newsletters at the bottom of this page.

My Account / Profile - You can hover or click on this icon to reveal account related actions like sign-in, registration ("Check Out Step")

Search - You can click here to search for anything in the Shop, Lookbook or Pages.

Shopping Bag - This is your shopping bag, you can hover to see items in your shopping bag or click on it to check-out.